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......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ typing combined with a union type instead of the gradual type \code{?}
for parameter annotation, we can avoid the insertion of any cast. But
occurrence typing can be used also on the gradually typed code. This
allows the system to avoid inserting the first cast
\code{Cast{number}{x}} since, thanks to occurrence typing, the
\code{\Cast{number}{x}} since, thanks to occurrence typing, the
occurrence of \code{x} at issue is given type \code{number} (the
second cast is still necessary instead). But removing this cast is far
from satisfactory, since when this function is applied to an integer
......@@ -145,5 +145,5 @@ then
\dom{t} & = & \bigwedge_{i\in I}\bigvee_{p\in P_i}s_p\\[4mm]
t\circ s & = & \bigvee_{i\in I}\left(\bigvee_{\{Q\subsetneq P_i\alt s\not\leq\bigvee_{q\in Q}s_q\}}\left(\bigwedge_{p\in P_i\setminus Q}t_p\right)\right)\hspace*{1cm}\makebox[0cm][l]{(for $s\leq\dom{t}$)}\\[4mm]
\worra t s & = & \dom t \wedge\bigvee_{i\in I}\bigvee_{\{p\in P_i\alt u\wedge t_p\not=\varnothing\}}s_p
\worra t s & = & \dom t \wedge\bigvee_{i\in I}\bigvee_{\{p\in P_i\alt s\wedge t_p\not=\varnothing\}}s_p
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