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......@@ -24,7 +24,17 @@ propositions that record the type of the input depending on the
{\tt number?} function states that when the output is {\tt true}, then
the argument has type {\tt Number}, and when the output is {\tt false}, the
argument does not. Such information is used selectively
in the ``then'' and ``else'' branches of a test. One area where their
in the ``then'' and ``else'' branches of a test.
Since \citet{THF10} focus they analysis on a particular set of pure
operations, their approach works also in the presence of side-effects. Although
the choices made by our and their approach seems diametrically opposed
(the Boolean output of few pure operations vs.\ any output of any
expression), they share some similar techniques. For instance, our
deduction system for $\vdashp$ plays the same role as
...~\citet[Figures 4\&7]{THF10} KIM TO BE COMPLETED
One area where their
work goes further than ours is that the type information also flows
outside of the tests to the surrounding context. In contrast, our type
system only refines the type of variables strictly in the branches of a
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