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......@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ The solution we adopt in practice is to bound the number of iterations to some
Note in particular that $\Refine{e,t}\Gamma$ extends $\Gamma$ with hypotheses on the expressions occurring in $e$, since
$\dom{\Refine{e,t}\Gamma} = \dom{\RefineStep {e,t}(\Gamma)} = \dom{\Gamma} \cup \{e' \alt \exists \varpi.\ \occ e \varpi \equiv e'\}$.
$\dom{\Refine{e,t}\Gamma}$ $=$ $\dom{\RefineStep {e,t}(\Gamma)} = \dom{\Gamma} \cup \{e' \alt \exists \varpi.\ \occ e \varpi \equiv e'\}$.
In other terms, we try to find a fixpoint of $\RefineStep{e,t}$ but we
bound our search to $n_o$ iterations. Since $\RefineStep {e,t}$ is
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