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Added a link to the toplevel.

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......@@ -23,7 +23,10 @@ record types (Section \ref{ssec:struct}) and the refinement of function types
(Section \ref{sec:refining} with the rule of Appendix~\ref{app:optimize}). The implementation is rather crude and
consist of 2000 lines of OCaml code, including parsing, type-checking
of programs and pretty printing of types. We demonstrate the output of
our type-checking implementation in Table~\ref{tab:implem}.
our type-checking implementation in Table~\ref{tab:implem}. These
examples and others can be tested in the online toplevel available at
\url{} (the corresponding repository is
In this table, the second column gives a code fragment and the third
column the type deduced by our implementation. Code~1 is a
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