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......@@ -442,7 +442,22 @@ set of types for \texttt{x} will be \texttt{String,\ Number}, but for
on page 27, a redundant test will make inference succeed.
Beppe: Yes indeed, we can add a remark on that
Beppe: je ne sais pas comment gerer cette remarque. Est-ce
Typed-Racket fait mieux que nous. Si type les parametres avec
Int|String je pense que on n'est pas sorti de l'auberge. Si on type
avec (Int,Int)|(String,String) ca marche mais il faut typer la
paire. La seule solution qui ne demande pas de réécrire la fonction
est de inferer comme nous faison dans le nouveau papier.
@Mickael, check what happens in Typed Racket.
@STH. We are not sure we understand this point. It seems that if we
do not want to rewrite the whole function (using a single argument
that we will type as (Int,Int)|(String,String) is to either to have an
inference for the non-annotated function able to infer the
intersection type, or explicitly annotate the function with the
intersection type. And this in whatever system on considers,
e.g. Typed Racket, Flow, TypeScript ...
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