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......@@ -16,6 +16,11 @@
TODO: the then and else expressions of typecases have no associated variable,
altough the env refinement rules could refine their types...
Is this an issue? Should we require an atomic in the then and else branchs
(seems difficult: there would be no equivalent normal form)?
TODO: Which restrictions on types? (cannot test a precise arrow type, etc)
\subsection{Typing rules}
......@@ -165,11 +170,10 @@ TODO: Algorithmic rules
TODO: example: application $x y$ with $x$ an union of arrow. Candidates
of a variable with a function type should be all the union of arrows of its type?\\
More generally, a variable that can be written only has an union should be splitted
along this union. Otherwise, $\letexp{x}{\cdots}{x}$ will never be splitted. Or better:
there should be a special split that means "all splits" (it will also be useful when
we will add polymorphism).
for $x$ should be all the different union of arrows of its type?
TODO: Candidates for a variable should be a special "all splits".
Otherwise, $\letexp{x}{\cdots}{x}$ will never be splitted.
TODO: test type system with $\lambda x:\pair{\Int}{\Int}\lor\pair{\Bool}{\Bool}. (\pi_1 x, \pi_2 x)$
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