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......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ the set that contains the types of all the occurrences of $x$ in $e$. This
judgement can be deduced by the following deduction system
that collects type information on the variables that are $\lambda$-abstracted
(i.e., those in the domain of $\Gamma$, since lambdas are our only
......@@ -119,17 +119,17 @@ Where $\psi\setminus\{x\}$ is the function defined as $\psi$ but undefined on $x
All that remains to do is replace the rule [{\sc Abs}+] with the
following rule\vspace{-1mm}
following rule\vspace{-.8mm}
{\Gamma,x:s\vdash e\triangleright\psi
\Gamma,x:s\vdash e:t
T = \{ (s,t) \} \cup \{ (u,v) ~|~
u\in\psi(x) \land \Gamma,x:u\vdash e:v \}}
T = \{ (s,t) \} \cup \{ (u,w) ~|~
u\in\psi(x) \land \Gamma,x:u\vdash e:w \}}
\Gamma\vdash\lambda x:s.e:\textstyle\bigwedge_{(u,v) \in T}u\to v
\Gamma\vdash\lambda x:s.e:\textstyle\bigwedge_{(u,w) \in T}u\to w
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ will be checked for the input types $\Int$, $\Real\setminus\Int$, and
\Bool, yielding the expected result.
It is not too difficult to generalize this rule when the lambda is
typed by an intersection type:\vspace{-1mm}
typed by an intersection type:\vspace{-.8mm}
\Infer[AbsInf+] {\forall i\in I~\Gamma,x:s_i\vdash
......@@ -159,10 +159,10 @@ typed by an intersection type:\vspace{-1mm}
e : t_i
T_i = \{ (u, v) ~|~ u\in\psi_i(x) \land \Gamma, x:u\vdash e : v\}
T_i = \{ (u, w) ~|~ u\in\psi_i(x) \land \Gamma, x:u\vdash e : w\}
} {\textstyle \Gamma\vdash\lambda^{\bigwedge_{i\in
I}s_i\to t_i} x.e:\bigwedge_{i\in I}(s_i\to
t_i)\land\bigwedge_{(u, v)\in T_i}(u\to v) } {}\vspace{-3mm}
t_i)\land\bigwedge_{(u, w)\in T_i}(u\to w) } {}\vspace{-3mm}
Here, for each arrow declared in the interface of the function, we
first typecheck the body of the function as usual (to check that the
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