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......@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@ the new contributions.
of refined types appearing in arbitrary places, which is very similar
to the first contribution of this work.
Done (lines ??-??)
An alternative approach followed by refinement type systems is to
ANF-transform the programs. A discussion is missing on how these two
......@@ -665,17 +665,7 @@ the new contributions.
while the two alternatives used by refinement types preserve
Using some normal forms similar to ANF is a completely different
solution that requires very different algorithmic solutions, even
though it reuses some of the results we obtained here (in
particular the definition of the worra operator). We know it for
sure since we explore this solution in a different work where we
define some normal forms that we call maximal sharing canonical
forms. In a nutshell, instead of adding expressions in a
type-environment we bind them in let expressions. We did not
comment on it since the work is currently under submission and it
is not available on line. We may add a comment on it when/if the
other work will at least available on line
Done (lines ??-??_
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