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Typos in related work.

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......@@ -42,10 +42,10 @@ supports structured data types such as pairs and records only unions
of such types can be expressed at the level of types, and even for
those, subtyping is handled axiomatically. For instance, for pairs,
the subtyping rule presented in \cite{THF10} is unable to deduce that
$(\texttt{number}\times \texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool})\cup
(\texttt{bool}\times \texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool})$ is a subtype of
(and actually equal to) $(\texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool}\times\texttt{number})\cup
( \texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool}\times\texttt{bool})$. For record
(\texttt{bool}\times (\texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool}))$ is a subtype of
(and actually equal to) $((\texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool})\times\texttt{number})\cup
((\texttt{number}\cup\texttt{bool})\times\texttt{bool})$. For record
types, we also type precisely the deletion of labels, which, as far as
we know other systems cannot do. On the other hand, the propagation of
logical properties defined in \cite{THF10} is a powerfull tool, that
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