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......@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ t_1\vee\neg t_2)$
\textbf{Values} & v &::=& c\alt\lambda x.e\alt (v,v)
(no let here: can be added on a surface language later together with
explicit type annotation $e:t$ that are checked by bidirectional typing)
\subsubsection{Type Tests for values}
We define $\typof c = \basic{c}$, $\typof {\lambda x.e} = \Empty\to\Any$,
$\typof{(v_1,v_2)}=\typof{v_1}\times\typof{v_2}$. Finally $v\in t$ iff
......@@ -141,8 +142,8 @@ Variant with more compact derivations:
For annotations we write $\{t_1,\ldots{,} t_n\}$ for
$\{\ann\varnothing{t_1},\ldots{,}\ann\varnothing{t_n}\}$ and just $t$
for $\{\ann\varnothing{t}\}$. So for instance we write $\lambda
x{:}t.e$ for $\lambda x{:}\{\ann\varnothing{t}\}.e$ and
$\letexp{x{:}\{t_1,\ldots{,} t_n\}}{e}{e}$ instead of $\letexp{x{:}\{\ann\varnothing{t_1},\ldots{,}\ann\varnothing{t_n}\}}{e}{e}$
x{:}t.e$ for $\lambda x{:}\{\ann\varnothing{t}\}.e$ while
$\letexp{x{:}\{t_1,\ldots{,} t_n\}}{e}{e}$ stands for $\letexp{x{:}\{\ann\varnothing{t_1},\ldots{,}\ann\varnothing{t_n}\}}{e}{e}$
\subsubsection{Algorithmic typing rules} This system correspond to the
variant with more compact derivations.
......@@ -229,7 +230,9 @@ $t'\leq t$, and $\Gamma\vdashA e': t'$
\subsubsection{Preservation of the reductions}
Write the reduction rule for let and then note that
$e\reduces e'$ if and only if $\eras e \reduces \eras{e}$
(details to be checked, should we rather use $v$?)
(details to be checked, should we rather use $v$? Probably we have
$\eras e \reduces \eras{e}\Longrightarrow e\reduces^{0|1} e'$ and
$e\reduces e'\Longrightarrow \eras e \reduces^+ \eras{e}$)
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