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\subsection{Full parallel semantics}\label{app:parallel}
\subsection{Parallel semantics}\label{app:parallel}
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Here is an example of reduction using the parallel semantics:
{\Infer[App] { } {(\lambda x.\ x+1)\ 1\idleadsto 2} {}}
{((\lambda x.\ x+1)\ 1, \true)\xleadsto{(\lambda x.\ x+1)1\ \mapsto\ 2} (2, \true)}
{\ite {((\lambda x.\ x+1)\ 1, \true)} {\pair \Int \Bool} {(\lambda x.\ x+1)\ 1} {0} \idleadsto \ite {(2, \true)} {\pair \Int \Bool} {2} {0}}
{(2, \true) \in \valsemantic {\pair \Int \Bool}}
{\ite {(2, \true)} {\pair \Int \Bool} {2} {0} \idleadsto 2}
All the proofs below will use the parallel semantics instead of the standard semantics (\ref{sec:opsem}).
However, the safety of the type system for the standard semantics can be deduced from the safety of the type system for the parallel semantics,
using the following lemma:
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