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Fixes in appendix

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......@@ -788,8 +788,6 @@
This is equivalent to the wanted result.
\begin{lemma}[$\worra {} {}$ alternative definition]
The following algorithmic definition for $\worra {} {}$ is equivalent to the previous one:
......@@ -798,6 +796,8 @@
\worra t s & = \dom t \wedge\bigvee_{i\in I}\left(
\bigwedge_{\{P \subseteq P_i\alt s \leq \bigvee_{p \in P} \neg t_p\}} \left(\bigvee_{p \in P} \neg s_p \right)\right)\\
......@@ -826,8 +826,8 @@
& \simeq \bigvee_{i \in I} \left( \bigvee_{\{P \subseteq P_i\alt s \not\leq \bigvee_{p \in P} \neg t_p \} }\left(
\dom t \land \bigwedge_{p\in P_i} s_p \land \bigwedge_{n \in P_i \setminus P} \neg s_n \right)\right)
\begin{lemma}[Optimality of $\worra {} {}$]
Let $t$, $s$, two types.
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