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update Case refinement rule

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......@@ -100,9 +100,9 @@ binders):\svvspace{-1.5mm}
{\Gamma\vdash e\triangleright\psi_\circ\\
\Gamma \evdash e t \Gamma_1\\ \Gamma_1\vdash e_1\triangleright\psi_1\\
\Gamma \evdash e {\neg t} \Gamma_2 \\ \Gamma_2\vdash e_2\triangleright\psi_2}
{\Gamma\vdash \ifty{e}{t}{e_1}{e_2}\triangleright\psi_\circ\cup\psi_1\cup\psi_2}
\Gamma \evdash e t \Gamma_1\\ \Gamma_1\vdash e\triangleright\psi_1\\ \Gamma_1\vdash e_1\triangleright\psi_1'\\
\Gamma \evdash e {\neg t} \Gamma_2 \\ \Gamma_2\vdash e\triangleright\psi_2\\ \Gamma_2\vdash e_2\triangleright\psi_2'}
{\Gamma\vdash \ifty{e}{t}{e_1}{e_2}\triangleright\psi_\circ\cup\psi_1\cup\psi_1'\cup\psi_2\cup\psi_2'}
Where $\psi\setminus\{x\}$ is the function defined as $\psi$ but undefined on $x$ and $\psi_1\cup \psi_2$ denotes component-wise union%
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