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small fix

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......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ arrow types as long as this negation does not make their type empty:
{\Gamma \vdash \lambda^{\wedge_{i\in I}\arrow {s_i} {t_i}}x.e:t}
{ \Gamma \vdash\lambda^{\wedge_{i\in I}\arrow {s_i} {t_i}}x.e:t\wedge\neg(t_1\to t_2) }
{ \Gamma \vdash\lambda^{\wedge_{i\in I}\arrow {s_i} {t_i}}x.e:\neg(t_1\to t_2) }
{ (t\wedge\neg(t_1\to t_2))\not\simeq\Empty }
As explained in Section~\ref{sec:challenges} we need to be able to
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