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......@@ -41,6 +41,9 @@ language that eases the definition of mathematical structures and the
automation of proofs and for which a translator to Dedukti exists.
* Installation
** Dependencies
The following tools are required to compile the MathTransfer library:
For the core of the library:
......@@ -55,7 +58,7 @@ For the core of the library:
Sukerujo is an alternative Dedukti parser used by FoCaLiZe
- Zenon Modulo version 0.4.2
- Zenon Modulo version 0.4.3
For the interoperability library, the following extra tools are
required to import logical developments from other proof systems:
......@@ -85,6 +88,32 @@ required to import logical developments from other proof systems:
limits the dependencies on non-constructive axioms by taking
implication and universal quantification as primitives.
** Installing dependencies
All dependencies but the OpenTheory tool are written in OCaml and
packaged using Opam.
To install OpenTheory, please refer to
If you have Opam installed, you can download and install all
other dependencies by typing
#+BEGIN_SRC bash
$ opam repository add deducteam
$ opam update
$ opam install focalize=0.9.2 dedukti=2.5 sukerujo=2.5 zenon_modulo_focalide=0.4.3 coq=8.4.6 coqine=0.4 holide=0.2.1~holala
** Building the library
To build the library, type the following commands:
#+BEGIN_SRC bash
$ ./configure
$ make
* Detailed Content of the MathTransfer library
** Core
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