Commit cad483e2 authored by Raphael Cauderlier's avatar Raphael Cauderlier
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Fix interop/logic/Makefile: Coq.Init.Peano is required in interop/arith/

parent c8bf4e76
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ include ../../Makefile.rules
FCL_FILES=$(wildcard *.fcl)
V_FILES=$(wildcard *.v)
DK_FILES=$(wildcard *.dk)
all: $(FCL_FILES:.fcl=.dko) $(V_FILES:.v=.dko) $( Coq__Init__Datatypes.dko
all: $(FCL_FILES:.fcl=.dko) $(V_FILES:.v=.dko) $( Coq__Init__Datatypes.dko Coq__Init__Peano.dko
INCLUDE_DIRS= -I ../../core/logic
......@@ -21,11 +21,14 @@ dks_from_coqine dks_from_coqine dks_from_coqine dks_from_coqine dks_from_coqine
holtypes.dko : Coq.dko
# TODO: automate dependency computation of Coqine-generated files
Coq__Init__Logic.dko : Coq.dko
Coq__Init__Datatypes.dko : Coq.dko Coq__Init__Logic.dko
Coq__Init__Wf.dko : Coq.dko Coq__Init__Logic.dko Coq__Init__Datatypes.dko
Coq__Init__Peano.dko: Coq.dko Coq__Init__Logic.dko Coq__Init__Datatypes.dko
Coq__Init__Wf.dko : Coq.dko Coq__Init__Logic.dko Coq__Init__Datatypes.dko Coq__Init__Peano.dko
# Dependencies between the dk/dko files could be automatised as
# $(DKDEP) $(INCLUDE_DIRS) >> $@ but only starting with Dedukti v2.6
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