Commit ee9d6fdc authored by Raphael Cauderlier's avatar Raphael Cauderlier
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.vo files are generated: clean them

parent 867afde3
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ FOCALIZEC_OPT = $(INCLUDE_DIRS) -no-stdlib-path -dedukti-code -stop-before-zenon
# Bash required for the target in file interop/arith/Makefile
GENERATED = *.dko *.sk.* *.fo *.pfc *.zv *.mangled *_fcl.* .depend *.glob Coq__*.dk *_fcl.* *.art *.txt
GENERATED = *.dko *.sk.* *.fo *.pfc *.zv *.mangled *_fcl.* .depend *.glob *.vo Coq__*.dk *_fcl.* *.art *.txt
$(DKCHECK) $(DKCHECK_OPT) -e -nl $<
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