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make test
* Further reading
Sigmaid is described in [[][this article]].
The Dedukti files presented there are:
- [[][]] corresponding to Section 4.1.1 (Domains),
- [[][]] corresponding to the other definitions and proofs of Section 4.1 (Encoding of types),
- [[][]] corresponding to Sections 4.2 (Encoding of terms) and 5.1 (Modified rewrite system)
The file [[file:coq_obj.v][=coq_obj.v=]] contains the definitions and proofs of the terminating encoding (Section 4) in Coq.
The inconsistency result of Section 4.3.4 is proved in [[file:coq_obj_inconsistency.v][=coq_obj_inconsistency.v=]].
* Author
Sigmaid is written by [[][Raphaël Cauderlier]].
* Footnotes
[1] Martin Abadi and Luca Cardelli, /A Theory of Objects/, Monographs in Computer Science, 1996
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