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cduce \- The CDuce interpreter

\fBcduce\fR [ \fB  OPTIONS\fR\fI ...\fR ] [ \fB  \fIfile[.cd]\fB\fR\fI ...\fR ] [ \fB--arg \fIargument\fB\fR\fI ...\fR ]


\fBcduce --compile\fR [ \fB  OPTIONS\fR\fI ...\fR ] [ \fB  \fIfile[.cd]\fB\fR\fI ...\fR ]
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\fBcduce --run\fR [ \fB  OPTIONS\fR\fI ...\fR ] [ \fB  \fIfile[.cdo]\fB\fR\fI ...\fR ] [ \fB--arg \fIargument\fB\fR\fI ...\fR ]

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The \fBcduce\fR command considers all the .cd files on the command
line that follow the options as CDuce sources, and executes them
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successively. With the --compile option it produce a file with intermediate code
that can be run by cduce --run (without options the two steps are piped) All the
arguments that follow the --arg option are passed to the source file(s).
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If no CDuce file is given on the command line
then the interpreter uses the standard input and behaves as an interactive
toplevel. Toplevel phrases are processed after each \fB;;\fR. Mutually recursive declarations of types or functions must be contained in a single adjacent sequence of phrases (without \fB;;\fR inbetween).
In order to allow persistence (options \fB--dump\fR, \fB--load\fR, and \fB--save\fR) to operate, you must quit the toplevel with \fB#quit\fR toplevel directive and not with \fBCtrl-D\fR or \fBCtrl-C\fR.
32 33
This program follows usual syntax,
35 36 37 38 39
with long options starting with two dashes (`--'). A
summary of the options supported by \fBcduce\fR
is included below.  
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\fB--compile \fIfile\fB\fR
Produces a file in an intermediate code that can be run by cduce --run
\fB--dump \fIfile\fB\fR
44 45 46 47
This option is equivalent to restore the environment previously saved in
\fIfile\fR by the \fB--load \fIfile\fB\fR \fB--save \fIfile\fB\fR.
Use the Expat parser for loading XML documents (this option is available only if CDuce was built with  Expat support; in that case it is the default option). Cannot be used in conjuction with the \fB--pxp\fR option.
\fB-h, --help\fR
51 52 53
Display a short help message and exit.
Show license information and exit.
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\fB--load \fIfile\fB\fR
Restore the environment previously saved in
\fIfile\fR by the \fB--save\fR option.
Use the PXP parser for loading XML documents. Cannot be used in conjuction with the \fB--expat\fR option.
63 64 65 66 67
Suppress normal output (typing, results). It is normally
used when the CDuce interpreter is used in the context of batch
68 69 70
Executes .cdo files produced by cduce --compile.
71 72 73 74 75 76
\fB--save \fIfile\fB\fR
This options allows persistence between several invocations of the
interpreter: the current environment (i.e., the set defined types and values) is saved in
\fIfile\fR when the interpreter terminates so that it
can be succesively restored by using \fB--load\fR option
77 78 79 80 81
\fB-v, --version\fR
Show version information and exit.
82 83
\fB--arg \fIarguments\fB\fR
All the arguments following \fB--arg\fR are passed to the CDuce
84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97
program, in the variable \fBargv\fR (of type \fB[ String*
]\fR, which means sequence of character strings).
Report bugs to <>.
A complete documentation, reference manual, tutorial, technical articles on
implementation and theoretical issues, benchmarks, source code, mailing lists
and forums can be found on the \fBCDuce\fR website:
Alain Frisch <> with small contributions of
Giuseppe Castagna <>, and Stefano Zacchiroli <>.