Commit 00e1dfc0 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Cleanup the clean: rule in the makefile.

parent d47e1a9a
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ help:
# Source directories
DIRS_DEPEND = misc parser schema typing types compile runtime driver query win32 plugins
CLEAN_DIRS := $(DIRS_DEPEND) tools tests
CLEAN_DIRS := $(DIRS_DEPEND) stdlib tools tests
......@@ -423,13 +423,12 @@ compute_depend: $(DEPEND_OCAMLDEP)
@echo "Clean"
$(HIDE) for i in $(CLEAN_DIRS); do \
(cd $$i; rm -f *.cmi *.cmo *.cma *.cmx *.o *.a *.cmxa *.cmt *.cmti *~); \
$(HIDE) for i in . $(CLEAN_DIRS); do \
(cd $$i; rm -f *.cmi *.cmo *.cma *.cmx *.cmxs *.o *.a *.cmxa *.cmt *.cmti *.cdo *~); \
$(HIDE) rm -f misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp
$(HIDE) test -n "$(OCAMLIFACE)" && (cd $(OCAMLIFACE); $(MAKE) clean) || true
$(HIDE) rm -f `find . -name "*~"`
$(HIDE) rm -f *.cmi *.cmo *.cma *.cmx *.a *.cmxa *.cmt *.cmti *.o *~ META .buildflags
$(HIDE) rm -f META .buildflags
$(HIDE) rm -f cduce$(EXE) ocamlprof.dump
$(HIDE) rm -f cduce*js_runtime*
$(HIDE) rm -f dtd2cduce$(EXE) webiface$(EXE) evaluator$(EXE)
......@@ -438,9 +437,7 @@ clean:
$(HIDE) rm -f web/*.cdo
$(HIDE) rm -f configure.log
$(HIDE) rm -rf web/doc
$(HIDE) rm -f META
$(HIDE) rm -rf lib
$(HIDE) rm -f stdlib/*.cdo
$(HIDE) rm -f tests/schema/regtest/ tests/schema/regtest/test.log
$(HIDE) rm -f tests/schema/ tests/schema/test.log tests/misc/log tests/misc/memento.html tests/xsltmark/log tests/cql/log
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