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......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@ Installation Notes for CDuce
CDuce is written in the OCaml programming language. It has been
sucessfully compiled under Intel Linux, SunOS 5.7, and FreeBSD 4.7.
sucessfully compiled under Intel Linux, SunOS 5.7, Window XP
and FreeBSD 4.7.
Installation Notes for Windows NT/2000/XT
CDuce can be executed on Microsoft Windows by using the
RedHat/Cygnus environment Cygwin freely available at
The execucatable needs the cygwin1.dll that is distributed
under GPL licence. This is not compatible with the CDuce licence.
For this reason we don not provide binaries but give here detailed
instructions about how to compile CDuce sources under Cygwin/Windows.
Before compiling CDuce on Windows, you need to install recent
releases of the following packages:
Installation notes (you are advised to follow this order):
1) Download and execute cygwin setup.exe.
- Choose Internet installation
- Choose a root directory whose path has no blanks in it
- Choose as Local Package Directory <your root>/usr/src (optional)
- Choose the mirror closest to you
- When asked to select the packages to install add to the default
choices the following packages:
pcre **both binaries and sources**
you may also find useful to install the following packages
emacs or vim (no trolls)
then procede with installation
2) Download (we suggest in /usr/src) and install Ocaml
[For the impatients: ./configure && make world.opt]
3) Download (guess where) and install findlib
a plain ./configure && make all && make opt && make install
should work
4) Download and install wlex:
you only need to build and install the runtime support library
(not the wlex tool itself):
make runtime.all & make install_runtime
5) Download and unpack pcre-ocaml.
- copy pcre_naje.win32/pcre.h to the pcre source directory you
installed at point (1) (it should be in /usr/src/pcre-X.Y-Z)
- Copy or rename the file as config.h, and change
the macros that define HAVE_STRERROR and HAVE_MEMMOVE to
define them as 1 rather than 0.
- Compile and install by
make STATIC=1
make install STATIC=1
6) Download and install ocamlnet
7) PXP:
CDuce requires a development version >= 1.1.93.
configure with the following options
./configure -with-lex -with-lex-compat
make all && make opt && make install
Now you can compile CDuce sources as indicated in the INSTALL file
You need a GNU Make (or equivalent) to use the Makefile from the
distribution. It defines the following goals:
- make cduce
compiles the CDuce command line interpreter
- make dtd2cduce
compiles the dtd2cduce tools (converts DTD to CDuce types)
- make webiface
compiles the CDuce web interface interpreter (to be used as a CGI script)
- make local_website
compiles in the web/www/ subdirectory the HTML files of CDuce website
(including the tutorial)
- make all
equivalent to (make cduce; make dtd2cduce; make local_website)
Makefile accepts the following options, which can take the values
true or false.
NATIVE=true : use the OCaml native code compiler (ocamlopt) to build CDuce
NATIVE=false : use the OCaml bytecode compiler (ocamlc)
default: true (the native code version is much faster)
PXP_WLEX=true : use wlex for parsing UTF-8 XML files
PXP_WLEX=false: use ocamllex for parsing UTF-8 XML files
default: false (ocamllex is faster; wlex is more compact)
Usage, e.g.:
make cduce NATIVE=false
Efficiency issues:
- OCamlnet: if you plan to load XML file with encodings other than
UTF-8, it is advised to use the CVS version of OCamlnet:
Indeed, the netconversion module in the lastest release (0.95) was
very slow, and it has been rewritten since then.
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