Commit 09feaa19 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Remove the need to create a .stamp file for the camlp4 extension.

parent cb23ae0d
default: cduce
.default: cduce
include Makefile.conf
include VERSION
......@@ -331,17 +331,15 @@ distclean: clean
$(ALL_INTERFACES): misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp
$(ALL_OBJECTS:.cmo=.cmi): misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp
$(ALL_OBJECTS:.cmo=.cmx) caml_cduce.cmx: misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp
$(ALL_OBJECTS) caml_cduce.cmo: misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp
$(ALL_INTERFACES): misc/q_symbol.cmo
$(ALL_OBJECTS:.cmo=.cmi): misc/q_symbol.cmo
$(ALL_OBJECTS:.cmo=.cmx) caml_cduce.cmx: misc/q_symbol.cmo
$(ALL_OBJECTS) caml_cduce.cmo: misc/q_symbol.cmo
$(OCAMLIFACE)/mlstub.$(EXTENSION): SYNTAX += q_MLast.cmo
misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp: misc/
misc/q_symbol.cmo: misc/
@echo "Build $@"
$(HIDE) $(CAMLC) -c -pp camlp4orf $<
$(HIDE) sync
$(HIDE) touch misc/q_symbol.cmo.stamp
types/boolVar.cmo: SYNTAX_PARSER=
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