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* Port to OCaml 4.01
* Bugfix in the installation
- Tools:
* Add a script to configure opam
* Add two test suites for development
* build: replaced netcgi2 for netcgi1
......@@ -139,6 +139,13 @@ You need a GNU Make (or equivalent). The Makefile defines the following goals:
installs binaries into $(BINDIR), manpages into $(MANDIR)/man1,
and registers the cduce_lib library with findlib.
- make test
runs the first test suite, all the tests in this suite should pass.
- make extendedtest
runs the extended test suite, some tests are broken and need investigation,
others are testing future features of CDuce.
- make clean
back to the starting point
......@@ -201,7 +208,3 @@ which cduce
The directory tests contains few tests to check if the ocaml interface was
compiled correctly.
cd tests/ocaml
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