Commit 19b15cc0 authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2004-07-08 17:18:01 by cmiachon] adding min

Original author: cmiachon
Date: 2004-07-08 17:18:01+00:00
parent 50a93c06
...@@ -314,3 +314,8 @@ unary_op_gen "flatten" ...@@ -314,3 +314,8 @@ unary_op_gen "flatten"
register_fun "raise" any Types.empty register_fun "raise" any Types.empty
(fun v -> raise (Value.CDuceExn v));; (fun v -> raise (Value.CDuceExn v));;
register_fun "min" int
(Value.query_min );;
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