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......@@ -26,12 +26,14 @@ String* ]</code>, which means sequence of character strings). </li>
<li> The option <code>--compile</code> produces a cduce object file
(suffix <code>.cdo</code>) that can be later executed by <code>cduce --run</code>. </li>
(suffix <code>.cdo</code>) that can be later executed by <code>cduce --run</code>.
The option <code>--obj-dir %%directory%%</code> specifies where to put the <code>.cdo</code> file (default: same directory as the source file).</li>
<li> The option <code>--I %%directory%%</code> adds a directory to the
search path for imported units. </li>
<li> The switch <code>--quiet</code> suppresses normal output (typing,
results). This option is normally used when the CDuce interpreter is used in
the context of batch processing. </li>
<li> The switch <code>--verbose</code> displays the types of exported
values when compiling or running a script. </li>
<li> The options <code>--save %%filename%%</code> and
<code>--load %%filename%%</code> allows persistence
......@@ -64,7 +66,7 @@ scripts, which are executed successively.
<box title="Scripting" link="scripting">
CDuce can also be used for writing using scripts. As usual it suffices to start
CDuce can also be used for writing scripts. As usual it suffices to start
the script file by <code> #!%%install_dir%%/cduce</code> to call in a batch way
the CDuce interpreter. Here is an example of a script file that prints all the
titles of the filters of an Evolution mail client.
......@@ -139,6 +141,14 @@ and global namespace default <code>namespace "%%...%%"</code>
(see <local href="namespaces"/>).
<li>Schema declaration <code>schema %%name%% = "%%...%%"</code>
(see <local href="manual_schema">XML Schema</local>).</li>
<li>Import external unit <code>using %%name%% = "%%unit%%"</code>:
import a pre-compiled <code>%%unit%%.cdo</code> CDuce unit. Values
and types from this unit can be referred to as <code>%%name%%:%%ident%%</code>
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