Commit 1bfe26f9 authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2004-07-07 15:46:55 by cmiachon] adding sum

Original author: cmiachon
Date: 2004-07-07 15:46:55+00:00
parent aa143eed
......@@ -199,6 +199,50 @@ EXTEND
(( exp loc (Match (e,[p,exp loc(Apply( exp loc
(Var( "max")),pair)) ]))))
|"sum";pair=expr LEVEL "no_appl" ->
(*let fun sum ([Int+] -> Int)
| [h;t] -> let fun aux (([Int*],Int) -> Int)
|([h;t],a) -> aux(t,a+h)
|(_,a) -> a
in aux(t,h);;
let int = mk loc(PatVar( "Int")) in
let any = mk loc(PatVar( "Any")) in
let h ="h" in
let t ="t" in
let a ="a" in
let f = (ident ( "sum")) in
let p = mk loc (PatVar (Id.value f)) in
let faux = (ident ( "aux")) in
let paux = mk loc (PatVar (Id.value faux)) in
let aux =
{ fun_name = Some faux;
fun_iface = [multi_prod loc [mk loc (Regexp(Star(Elem(int)),pat_nil)); int],int];
fun_body = [
(mk loc ( Prod(mk loc(Regexp(Elem(mk loc(PatVar(h))),mk loc(PatVar(t)))),mk loc(PatVar(a)))),
(exp loc( Apply(exp loc (Var( "aux")),
exp loc(Pair(exp loc (Var (t)),exp loc (Op("+",[(exp loc (Var (a)));(exp loc (Var (h)))])))))))
(mk loc ( Prod(any,mk loc(PatVar(a)))),exp loc (Var(a))) ]} in
let abst =
{ fun_name = Some f;
fun_iface = [mk loc (Regexp(Seq(Elem(int) ,Star(Elem(int))),pat_nil)),
fun_body = [
(mk loc(Regexp(Elem(mk loc(PatVar(h))),mk loc(PatVar(t)))),
exp loc (Match (exp loc (Abstraction aux),[paux,exp loc(Apply( exp loc
(Var( "aux")),exp loc(Pair(exp loc (Var (t)),exp loc (Var(h)))))) ]))
]} in
let e = exp loc (Abstraction abst) in
(( exp loc (Match (e,[p,exp loc(Apply( exp loc
(Var( "sum")),pair)) ]))))
let fun distinct_values ([Any*] -> [Any*])
| l -> let fun aux (([Any*],[Any*])->[Any*])
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