Commit 1dd60588 authored by Julien Lopez's avatar Julien Lopez
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[TESTS][EVAL][MINOR] Small change on tests

parent 3ca7bfd8
......@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ let parse_to_lambda expr =
let l = Loc.start_line loc in
let cbegin = Loc.start_off loc - Loc.start_bol loc in
let cend = Loc.stop_off loc - Loc.start_bol loc in
eprintf "File %s, line %d, characters %d-%d:\nUnbound identifier\n"
(Loc.file_name loc) l cbegin cend; raise Error)
eprintf "File %s, line %d, characters %d-%d:\nUnbound identifier %s\n"
(Loc.file_name loc) l cbegin cend vname; raise Error)
| Int(_, i) -> Const(Value.Integer(Intervals.V.from_int i))
| String(loc, s) ->
let s = s in
File ./tests/eval/tests/match_error_simple.test, line 1, characters 8-12:
Fatal error: exception Stream.Error("[branch] expected after "with" (in [expression])")
File ./tests/eval/tests/match_error_simple.test, line 1, characters 6-7:
Unbound identifier x
match x with (a,b) -> a
match x with | (a,b) -> a
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