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<paper file="papers/">
<title>CDuce: an XML-centric general purpose language</title>
<title>CDuce: An XML-Centric General-Purpose Language</title>
<author>V. Benzaken</author>
<author>G. Castagna</author>
<author>A. Frisch</author>
Unpublished manuscript.
Proceedings of the <i>ACM International Conference on Functional Programming</i>, 2003.
<abstract> <p> In this work, we present the functional language
<abstract> <p> We present the functional language
CDuce, discuss some design issues, and show its adequacy
for working with XML documents. Peculiar features of
for working with XML documents. Distinctive features of
CDuce are a powerful pattern matching, first class
functions, overloaded functions, a very rich type system
(arrows, sequences, pairs, records, intersections, unions,
differences), precise type inference and error localization,
differences), precise type inference for patterns and error localization,
and a natural interpretation of types as sets of values. We
also discuss some important implementations issues; in
also outline some important implementation issues; in
particular, a dispatch algorithm that demonstrates how
static type information can be used to obtain very efficient
compilation schemas.
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