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[r2003-10-22 07:14:23 by beppe] Empty log message

Original author: beppe
Date: 2003-10-22 07:14:23+00:00
parent e1ad7b65
* Code upgraded to Ocaml 3.07
* Major cleaning in progress
* Using ulex instead of wlex. Sources can now be in Utf8.
include Makefile.conf
VERSION = 0.2.0-1
VERSION = 0.2.0-pre1
PACKAGES = pxp-engine pxp-lex-iso88591 ulex camlp4 num cgi pcre netstring
ifeq ($(PXP_WLEX), true)
......@@ -30,14 +30,19 @@ You can browse the current CVS development tree
You can also download the CVS tree through an anonymous access.
Set the <tt>CVSROOT</tt> environment variable to
and do <tt>cvs checkout cduce</tt>. You can then do <tt>cvs update</tt>
and do <tt>cvs checkout cduce</tt>. Or more simply, copy and paste in a terminal the following line
<tt>cvs -z3 -d "" co cduce</tt>
You can then do <tt>cvs update -dP</tt>
in the <tt>cduce</tt> subdirectory to get an up-to-date version
of the CVS tree.
In order to built CDuce from the current CVS tree, you need
to install <a href="#side">ulex</a>.
to install <a href="#side">ulex</a>, and also attentively
read INSTALL instructions.
......@@ -53,6 +53,13 @@ the content by <a href="examples.html#site">the following CDuce program</a>.
<box title="Latest News" link="news">
<section title="2003, October 17th, Friday: CVS publicly available.">
You can now download the development version directly from the cvs tree. See instructions at the <a href="download">usual place</a>. Be careful, it may not work, and many features are experimental and undocumented.
<section title="2003, September 23rd, Wednesday: Volunteers sought.">
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