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If you install all your sources in /usr/local/src/ then
1) Go in the directory of ocaml sources
cd /usr/local/src/ocaml-3.07
2) apply the patch
patch -p1 < /<source_path>/cduce/cdo2cmo/ocaml_cdo2cmo_patch
3) Optional (if your version of Ocaml is 3.07-pl2 you do not need it)
make and install ocaml as usual and recompile at least all the
ocaml libraries used by cduce
4) Create the library OCaml_all and install it, this is done by running
in the (patched) ocaml source the following command
make install_all_libs
make install_liball
and optionally
make install_liball.opt
5) Go in the cduce source directory and create cDuce_all
cd /usr/local/src/cduce
make cDuce_all
6) Go in the cdo2cmo dir create a new lilb directory and copy
there the cDuce_all.* files and make all
cd cdo2cmo
mkdir lib
cp ../cDuce_all.* lib
Now look at the README file to see how to use the command cdo2cmo
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