Commit 2476363b authored by Julien Lopez's avatar Julien Lopez
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Fix tests from previous commit.

parent 159079b3
let f (type t) () =
let module M = struct exception E of t end in
(fun x -> M.E x), (function M.E x -> Some x | _ -> None)
val f : unit -> ('a -> exn) * (exn -> 'a option)
open OUnit2
let tests = "Latypes" >:::
"f" >:: ( fun test_ctxt ->
assert_equal ~msg:"Test Latypes.f.1 failed"
(Some 2) Latypes.b (Latypes.a 2);
let _ = run_test_tt_main tests
...@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ if test $EXTENDED = "true"; then ...@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ if test $EXTENDED = "true"; then
$OCAMLDIR/cdsdl/cdsdl $OCAMLDIR/cdsdl/cdsdl
ocamlc -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes -c $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes.mli ocamlc -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes -c $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes.mli
$ROOT/../cduce -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes --compile $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ -I `ocamlfind query num` $ROOT/../cduce -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes --compile $OCAMLDIR/latypes/
$ROOT/../cduce -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes --mlstub $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes.cdo > $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ $ROOT/../cduce -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes --mlstub $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes.cdo > $OCAMLDIR/latypes/
ocamlfind ocamlc -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes -package cduce,num,oUnit -linkpkg -o $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ ocamlfind ocamlc -I $OCAMLDIR/latypes -package cduce,num,oUnit -linkpkg -o $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ $OCAMLDIR/latypes/ $OCAMLDIR/latypes/
$OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes $OCAMLDIR/latypes/latypes
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