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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Prerequisites
Before compiling CDuce, you need to install recent releases of the
following packages:
ocaml => 3.07 (patchlevel 2)
ocaml => 3.07 patchlevel 2
findlib => 1.0.3
......@@ -42,6 +42,17 @@ netclient support only the http protocol. curl supports in addition https,
ftp, and other protocols.
There is a configure script. It will check for the presence of
mandatory packages, and detect automatically optional ones. It will
also set installation directories. Running the script produces a
Makefile.conf file. You can get usage information about the script
with: ./configure --help
Alternatively, it is also possible to copy Makefile.conf.template to
Makefile.conf and modify it by hand. The Makefile variables mentioned
below are set in this Makefile.conf file.
Important notes:
- OCaml: cduce uses recursive modules so versions of OCaml before 3.07
......@@ -91,7 +102,7 @@ Efficiency issues:
Indeed, the netconversion module in the previous release (0.95) was
very slow, and it has been rewritten since then.
-PXP: for better efficiency wlex is disabled by default.
- PXP: for better efficiency wlex is disabled by default.
......@@ -158,41 +169,6 @@ distribution. It defines the following goals:
- make uninstall
removes installed files
Makefile accepts at least the following options.
NATIVE=true : use the OCaml native code compiler (ocamlopt) to build CDuce
NATIVE=false : use the OCaml bytecode compiler (ocamlc)
default: true (the native code version is much faster)
ML_INTERFACE=true : build CDuce with OCaml interface support
default: false
PXP_WLEX=true : use wlex for parsing UTF-8 XML files
need pxp built with wlex support
PXP_WLEX=false: use ocamllex for parsing UTF-8 XML files
default: false (ocamllex is faster; wlex is more compact)
EXPAT=true: build expat support (see below)
default: false
CURL=true: build ocurl support
default: false
NETCLIENT=true: build netclient support
default: false
(note: if the support for both CURL and NETCLIENT are included, curl is used)
PREFIX=/usr/local by default: where to install CDuce files (see
make cduce NATIVE=false PREFIX=/usr/share
You can also modify Makefile.conf (which is fully commented to set values
for these and more choices (in particular to specify the settings of your
local web server to install locally web-based tutorial, manual pages and
interactive interpreter).
Support for the expat parser
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