Commit 2ffa30b7 authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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Update "make package" to work with git

parent 1e43dedd
......@@ -44,17 +44,8 @@ DISTRIB_DOC = doc.xml memento.xml tutorial.xml manual.xml tutorial manual \
.PHONY: package
package: clean
rm -Rf $(PACKAGE)
mkdir $(PACKAGE)
cp Makefile.distrib $(PACKAGE)/Makefile
mkdir $(PACKAGE)/tools
cp tools/ $(PACKAGE)/tools/
(cd $(PACKAGE); \
rm -f types/IDEAS; \
for F in $(DEPEND); do headache -h ../header $$F; done)
tar czf $(PACKAGE).tar.gz --exclude .svn --exclude ".#*" $(PACKAGE)
rm -Rf $(PACKAGE)
rm -Rf $(PACKAGE).tar.gz
git archive --prefix=$(PACKAGE)/ -o $(PACKAGE).tar.gz HEAD
OCAML_STDLIBDIR := $(shell ocamlc -where)
.PHONY: .ocamlinit
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