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......@@ -660,4 +660,31 @@ the use of references:
<box title="Queries" link="sel">
CDuce is endowed with a <code>select_from_where</code> syntax to perform some SQL-like queries. The general form of select expressions is
select %%e%% from
%%p1%% in %%e1%%
%%p2%% in %%e2%%
%%pn%% in %%en%%
where %%b%%
where <code>%%e%%</code> is an expression <code>%%b%%</code> a boolean
expression, the <code>%%pi%%</code>'s are patterns, and the
<code>%%ei%%</code>'s are sequence expressions.
A <code>select</code> expression works like a set of nested
<code>transform</code> expressions. The advantage of using selections is that
these queries are automatically optimized by applying classical logic SQL query
optimizations techniques (automatic optimization can be disabled).
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