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......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ For this reason we do not provide binaries but give here detailed
instructions about how to compile CDuce sources under Cygwin/Windows.
......@@ -54,6 +53,7 @@ Installation notes (you are advised to follow this order):
pcre **both binaries and sources**
you may also find useful to install the following packages
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ Installation notes (you are advised to follow this order):
2) Download (we suggest in /usr/src) and install Ocaml
[For the impatients: ./configure && make world.opt]
[For the impatients: ./configure && make world.opt && make install]
3) Download (guess where) and install findlib
......@@ -78,22 +78,10 @@ Installation notes (you are advised to follow this order):
should work
4) Download and install wlex:
you only need to build and install the runtime support library
(not the wlex tool itself):
4) Download and install ulex
make runtime.all && make install_runtime
5) Download and unpack pcre-ocaml.
- copy pcre_make.win32/pcre.h to the pcre source directory you
installed at point (1) (it should be in /usr/src/pcre-X.Y-Z)
- cd in the source directory of pcre, copy or rename the file as config.h, and change in this new file
the macros that define HAVE_STRERROR and HAVE_MEMMOVE to
define them as 1 rather than 0.
- Compile and install by
make STATIC=1
make install STATIC=1
5) Download and install pcre-ocaml.
6) Download and install ocamlnet
......@@ -101,10 +89,6 @@ Installation notes (you are advised to follow this order):
7) PXP:
CDuce requires a development version >= 1.1.93.
configure with the following options
./configure -with-lex -with-lex-compat
make all && make opt && make install
Now you can compile CDuce sources as indicated in the INSTALL file
......@@ -116,3 +100,7 @@ Compilation, installation
See the INSTALL file.
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