Commit 3f57ab01 authored by Julien Lopez's avatar Julien Lopez
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[TESTS][LAMBDA][MINOR] Fix mistake in compute

parent 573433e9
......@@ -194,7 +194,6 @@ and parse_match_value env l list p toptype = match p with
let d1 = any, list, Patterns.Capture(lsize, mname) in
let t2 = type_of_ptype mtype in
let d2 = t2, [], Patterns.Constr(t2) in
Printf.eprintf "mtype:%s, toptype:%s\n" string
t2, Patterns.Cap(d1, d2), list, l, Types.subtype t2 (type_of_ptype toptype)
| MInt (_, i) ->
let t = constant (Integer(big_int_of_int i)) in
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