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<title>User's manual</title>
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<page name="manual_interpreter">
<box title="Command-line" link="cmdline">
For performance reasons, it is advised to build the interpreter using OCaml
native code compiler. The structure of the command line is:
./cduce [options] [CDuce files] -- [arguments for the CDuce program]
The arguments are:
<li> All the arguments following <code>--</code> are passed to the
CDuce program, in the variable <code>argv</code> (of type <code>[
String* ]</code>, which means sequence of character strings). </li>
<li> The switch <code>-quiet</code> suppresses normal output (typing,
results). It is normally used when the CDuce interpreter is used in
the context of batch processing. </li>
<li> The option <code>-dump %%filename%%</code> allows persistency
between several invocations of the interpreter: the current
environment (defined types and values) is saved to the file when the
interpreter terminates and it is restored if the interpreter is
started again with the same option. Note that only the arguments after
<code>--</code> on the first invocation in a session are passed to the
CDuce program. </li>
<li> The option <code>-v</code> makes the interpreter print its
version number and exit immediatly.</li>
<li>All the other arguments on the command line are considered CDuce
scripts, which are executed successively. If no CDuce file is given on
the command line, the interpreter uses the standard input. </li>
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