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[r2003-11-27 15:59:48 by cmiachon] Empty log message

Original author: cmiachon
Date: 2003-11-27 15:59:48+00:00
parent 66cc3180
(* functions *)
let fun member ((Any,Any) -> Bool)
|(s,[h;t]) -> if (s=h) then 1=1 else member (s,t)
|(s,_) -> 1=2;;
|(s,[h;t]) -> if (s=h) then `true else member (s,t)
|(s,_) -> `false;;
let fun distinct_values ([Any*] -> [Any*])
| l -> let fun aux (([Any*],[Any*])->[Any*])
......@@ -52,7 +52,12 @@ from <bib>[b::Book*] in [doc],
(* here year attribute is set as String (see include "tests/cql/")
so we needs use Where clause
otherwise we can use <book year=1991--*>[...] *)
otherwise we can use <book year=1991--*>[...]
idem, in q7x, if atribute year is declared as int
instead of y in [b]/@year where int_of(y) >> 1991
we could use [b]/<book year=1991--*>[_* <publisher>"Ad...
let q7x =
let q = order (
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