Commit 48f7339d authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2004-06-14 22:09:46 by afrisch] Empty log message

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2004-06-14 22:09:46+00:00
parent 5e6e545d
...@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ INSTALL := $(shell which install) ...@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ INSTALL := $(shell which install)
all: cduce dtd2cduce validate all: cduce dtd2cduce validate
ifneq ($(ML_INTERFACE), false) ifneq ($(ML_INTERFACE), false)
all: cDuce_all.$(EXTENSION_LIB) all: cdml.$(EXTENSION_LIB)
endif endif
install: all install: all
...@@ -104,6 +104,11 @@ install: all ...@@ -104,6 +104,11 @@ install: all
$(INSTALL) -m644 doc/dtd2cduce.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/ $(INSTALL) -m644 doc/dtd2cduce.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/
$(INSTALL) -m644 doc/validate.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/ $(INSTALL) -m644 doc/validate.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/
ifneq ($(ML_INTERFACE), false)
ocamlfind install cduce META cdml.$(EXTENSION_LIB) cdo2cmo/cdml.cmi cDuce_all.cmi oCaml_all.$(EXTENSION_LIB) oCaml_all.cmi
uninstall: uninstall:
rm $(BINDIR)/cduce$(EXE) $(BINDIR)/dtd2cduce$(EXE) $(BINDIR)/validate$(EXE) rm $(BINDIR)/cduce$(EXE) $(BINDIR)/dtd2cduce$(EXE) $(BINDIR)/validate$(EXE)
rm $(MANDIR)/man1/cduce.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/dtd2cduce.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/validate.1 rm $(MANDIR)/man1/cduce.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/dtd2cduce.1 $(MANDIR)/man1/validate.1
...@@ -196,14 +201,17 @@ cduce_packed: cduce_packed.$(EXTENSION) ...@@ -196,14 +201,17 @@ cduce_packed: cduce_packed.$(EXTENSION)
echo 'version="$(VERSION)"' > META
echo 'requires="$(PACKAGES) camlp4.gramlib"' >> META
echo 'description="Runtime support for CDuce"' >> META
echo 'archive(byte)="oCaml_all.cma,cdml.cma"' >> META
echo 'archive(native)="oCaml_all.cmxa,cdml.cmxa"' >> META
$(COMPILE) -o cDuce_all.$(EXTENSION) -pack $^ $(COMPILE) -o cDuce_all.$(EXTENSION) -pack $^
$(LINK) -a -o $@ cDuce_all.$(EXTENSION)
$(COMPILE) -c cdo2cmo/cdml.mli $(COMPILE) -c cdo2cmo/cdml.mli
$(COMPILE) -c -o cdml.$(EXTENSION) cdo2cmo/ $(COMPILE) -c cdo2cmo/
$(LINK) -a -o cdo2cmo/cdml.$(EXTENSION_LIB) \ $(COMPILE) -a -o cdml.$(EXTENSION_LIB) \
oCaml_all.$(EXTENSION_LIB) \ cDuce_all.$(EXTENSION) \
cDuce_all.$(EXTENSION_LIB) \
cdo2cmo/cdml.$(EXTENSION) cdo2cmo/cdml.$(EXTENSION)
oCaml_all.$(EXTENSION_LIB): oCaml_all.$(EXTENSION_LIB):
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