Commit 51170310 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Keep track of registered global name when applying substitutions.

parent f31c8bf6
......@@ -2882,6 +2882,9 @@ struct
let print ppf m =
Utils.pp_list (fun ppf (v, t) -> Format.fprintf ppf "%a:%a"
Var.pp v Print.pp_type t) ppf (Map.get m)
let add v t m =
if is_var t && Var.(equal v (Set.choose (all_vars t))) then m
......@@ -2911,7 +2914,10 @@ struct
MemoSubst.find subst_cache (t, subst)
Not_found ->
let res =
if List.for_all (fun (v, t) -> equiv t (var v)) (Map.get subst) then t
let v = decompose t in
descr (
Positive.solve_gen ~stop_descr:(fun v ->
......@@ -2937,13 +2943,27 @@ struct
if not (DescrMap.mem nt !Print.named) then begin
let (cu, name, args) = DescrMap.find t !Print.named in
Print.register_global (cu, name, lsubst) nt;
if equiv t nt then
Print.register_global (cu, name, args) nt
let dom_args = Var.Set.from_list ( fst args) in
let dom,not_dom = List.fold_left
(fun (acct, accf) (v,t) ->
if Var.Set.mem dom_args v then v :: acct, accf
else acct, t::accf) ([],[]) lsubst
if (Var.Set.equal (Var.Set.from_list dom) dom_args)
&& (List.for_all no_var not_dom)
let nargs = (fun (v, _) -> v,Map.assoc v subst) args in
Print.register_global (cu, name, nargs) nt
with Not_found -> ()
let key = (t, subst) in
if not (MemoSubst.mem subst_cache key) then
MemoSubst.add subst_cache key nt) !todo;
MemoSubst.add subst_cache (t,subst) res; res
let res = if equiv t res then t else res in
MemoSubst.add subst_cache (t,subst) res;res
let full t l =
......@@ -4,9 +4,10 @@ module V = struct
let function_kind = 1
let argument_kind = 2
let dump ppf t = Format.fprintf ppf "{%a(%d)}" Ident.U.print
let dump ppf t = Format.fprintf ppf "{%a(%d_%d)}" Ident.U.print t.kind
let compare x y = (x.kind,, (y.kind,,
let equal x y = (compare x y) = 0
let equal x y =
x == y || (x.kind == y.kind && == && Ident.U.equal
let hash x = Hashtbl.hash (,,x.kind)
let check _ = ()
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