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[r2003-10-24 09:39:12 by szach] added documentation for #help, #dump_value directives

Original author: szach
Date: 2003-10-24 09:39:12+00:00
parent 514f5e6b
......@@ -165,6 +165,17 @@ You can quit the toplevel with the toplevel directive
<code>--dump</code>) to operate, you must quit the toplevel with <code>#quit</code>.
The toplevel directive <code>#help</code> prints an help message about
the available toplevel directives
The toplevel directive <code>#dump_value</code> dump an XML-like
representation of the internal cduce representation of the resulting
value of an expression. It should not be considered a normative
representation for CDuce values.
The toplevel directive <code>#env</code> prints the current
environment: the set of defined global types and values, and also
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