Commit 582a4480 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Add a Stack_overflow test and promote some results.

parent 88d452c1
......@@ -14,10 +14,19 @@
(rule (alias integer_bad_mod) (action (diff integer_bad_mod.exp integer_bad_mod.out)))
; end:
; begin:
(rule (deps (target stack_overflow.cdo)
(action (with-accepted-exit-codes 0 (run cduce --compile %{deps}))))
(rule (deps stack_overflow.cdo) (target stack_overflow.out)
(action (with-outputs-to %{target} (with-accepted-exit-codes (not 0) (run cduce --run %{deps})))))
(rule (alias stack_overflow) (action (diff stack_overflow.exp stack_overflow.out)))
; end:
(alias (name runtest)
(source_tree ../common)
(alias integer_bad_div)
(alias integer_bad_mod)
(alias stack_overflow)
let loop (_ : [Any*]) : [] =
let x = [ 1 2 3 4 ] in
loop x;loop x;;
loop [];;
<man name="Claude"><sons/><daughters><woman name="V&#233;ronique"><sons/><daughters><woman name="Ilaria"><sons/><daughters/></woman></daughters></woman></daughters></man>
\ No newline at end of file
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