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<page name="ocaml">
<title>OCaml + CDuce</title>
<local-links href="index,documentation"/>
OCaml+CDuce is a modified version of OCaml 3.08.2 with CDuce
extensions (expressions, types, patterns).
See the <a
file for more information, The sub-directory <tt>tests/</tt> has some
simple examples. There is also an ocamldoc-generated documentation
for the <a href="">support library</a>.
The package contains a bootstrapped compiler. The build procedure is
the same as for OCaml (<tt>configure, make world, make install</tt>).
version 0.0.1</a></li>
library, version 0.0.1</a></li>
GODI users can upgrade an existing installation by adding this
line to their <tt>etc/godi.conf</tt> file:
and by forcing a recompilation of the <tt>godi-ocaml-src</tt>
and <tt>godi-ocaml</tt> packages. They should also build
the <tt>godi-xml-support</tt> library.
Some simple examples can be found <a href="">here</a>.</p>
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