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[r2004-01-08 14:08:26 by cmiachon] Empty log message

Original author: cmiachon
Date: 2004-01-08 14:08:26+00:00
parent d40704bd
(* include "tests/cql/TREE/";; *)
(* include "tests/cql/TREE/";; *)
(*How many sections are in Book1, and how many figures? *)
let fun count(x : [Any*]) : Int =
let tr_count((Int,[Any*]) -> Int)
| (n,[]) -> n
| (n,[_;t]) -> tr_count(n+1,t)
in tr_count(0,x);;
<section_count>{ count(doc("book.xml")//section) }</section_count>,
<figure_count>{ count(doc("book.xml")//figure) }</figure_count>
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