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[r2003-07-04 21:43:25 by cvscast] Empty log message

Original author: cvscast
Date: 2003-07-04 21:43:25+00:00
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...@@ -22,23 +22,23 @@ See <a href="CHANGES">recent changes</a>. ...@@ -22,23 +22,23 @@ See <a href="CHANGES">recent changes</a>.
<box title="Packages" link="binary"> <box title="Packages" link="binary">
<section title="Debian Package"> <section title="Debian Package">
In preparation <p>
A preliminary debian/unstable package of CDuce is available <a href="download/debian/">here</a>.</p>
</section> </section>
<section title="FreeBSD Ports"> <section title="FreeBSD Ports">
In preparation <p><i>In preparation</i></p>
</section> </section>
<section title="Mac OSX binary"> <section title="Mac OSX binary">
In preparation <p><i>In preparation</i></p>
</section> </section>
<section title="Red Hat Packages"> <section title="Red Hat Packages">
In preparation <p><i>In preparation</i></p>
</section> </section>
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