Commit 600d4f20 authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2004-12-28 01:10:06 by afrisch] Demo

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2004-12-28 01:13:33+00:00
parent e1ae5c00
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ let () =
with End_of_file -> ());
let prog = Buffer.contents prog in
let res = try exec prog with Timeout -> "Timeout reached !" in
let res = cut 80 res in
let res = cut 60 res in
print_string header;
print_endline "<pre>";
print_endline res;
......@@ -3,27 +3,30 @@
<title>CDuce demo</title>
<box title="Demo" link="demo">
<table style="width:100%">
<td style="width:50%">
<input type="submit" value="Evaluate" onclick="submit('a');"/>
<input type="button" value="Clear" onclick="clearreq('a');"/>
<textarea id="areq" cols="80" rows="25">
let x = 1;;
<td style="width:50%">
<input type="button" value="Clear" onclick="show_result('a','');"/>
<textarea id="areq" cols="60" rows="25">
<td valign="top">
<div id="ares"></div>
<script src="demo.js" type="text/javascript"/>
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