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<p>On this page:</p>
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<page name="tralala_1st">
<title>Tralala: Runion du 3 Novembre</title>
<box title="Programme provisoire" link="pro">
La premire runion de Tralala, 3 novembre 2004, Grande Salle, cole Normale Suprieure, 46 rue d'Ulm.</p>
<li value="10h30">Kim Nguyen (LRI): <i>Itrateurs pour XML</i>.</li>
<li>Cdric Miachon (ENS): <i> CQL a query language.</i></li>
<li>Nicole Bidoit (LRI): <i>Donnes semistricturees et logique
modale hybride</i></li>
<li>Iovka Boneva (LIFL): <i>Class of automata for unranked unordered
trees and connection with the TQL logic.</i></li>
<li>Joachim Niehren (LIFL)(40 mn): <i>Learning node selecting tree
transducer from completely annotated examples</i></li>
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