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[r2004-01-20 17:53:44 by cmiachon] Empty log message

Original author: cmiachon
Date: 2004-01-20 17:53:44+00:00
parent 092e279f
In Report1,
what Instruments were used in the first two Actions
after the second Incision?
(* In CQLp *)
select ins
from <section.content>[(_\Incision)* Incision (_\Incision)* Incision
((_\Action)* a1&Action (_\Action)* a2&Action _* )]
in flatten( select sc
from <report>[(<section>[(sc::Section.content |_)*])] in [report]
<action>[(ins::Instrument|_)*] in [a1 a2]
let $i2 := (doc("report1.xml")//incision)[2]
for $a in (doc("report1.xml")//action)[. >> $i2][position()<=2]
return $a//instrument
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