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[r2003-05-25 18:55:54 by cvscast] Empty log message

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Date: 2003-05-25 18:55:54+00:00
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...@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ ...@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
</left> </left>
<external href="/cgi-bin/cduce" title="Online demo" name="proto"/> <external href="/cgi-bin/cduce" title="Online demo" name="proto"/>
<include file="download.xml"/>
<include file="bench.xml"/> <include file="bench.xml"/>
<include file="papers.xml"/> <include file="papers.xml"/>
<include file="examples.xml"/> <include file="examples.xml"/>
...@@ -62,15 +63,16 @@ our <local href="papers">technical papers</local>. ...@@ -62,15 +63,16 @@ our <local href="papers">technical papers</local>.
</p> </p>
<section title="Online running prototype"> <section title="Online running prototype">
<p> The only available implementation of CDuce is an <local <p> To get a feeling of CDuce,
href="proto">online prototype</local>. To get a feeling of CDuce, you can play with the <local href="proto">online prototype</local>,
you can try the examples and play with them, or have a look at this <local try the examples and modify them. We also have some
href="memento">memento</local> which briefly explains the syntax of <local href="examples">larger examples</local>. </p>
the language. We also have some <local href="examples">larger
examples</local>. </p>
<p>We are planning to distribute a first public release in the next <p>We are planning to distribute a first public release in the next
few weeks.</p> few weeks. To help us prepare this release, you can download an
<local href="download">alpha version</local>, and send your comments.
</section> </section>
</box> </box>
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