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[r2003-11-27 15:35:58 by cmiachon] Empty log message

Original author: cmiachon
Date: 2003-11-27 15:35:58+00:00
parent 6468fdc3
......@@ -57,8 +57,10 @@ otherwise we can use <book year=1991--*>[...] *)
let q7x =
let q = order (
select <book year=y>([b]/<title>_)
from b in [doc]/<book>[ _* <publisher>['Addison-Wesley'];_],
y in [doc]/@year
from b in [doc]/<book>[_* <publisher>"Addison-Wesley";_],
y in [b]/@year
where int_of(y) >> 1991
) in <bib>q;;
(* problem with using a function of order, is that the type is infered as [Any*]
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